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Event reception format

Common Alert Template

Common templates are applicable in most cases. You can receive alerts in the same format in various environments.

  • Product Type: Application, Database, Kubernetes
  • Event Type: Application Alert, Database Alert, Metrics Alert
  • Event Channel: sms, mobile, 3rd party plugin , plugin

Event Title

Event title format
Event title example
[Info][JAVA][Application Project][TC-0-1-8081][CRITICAL_HIGH_MEMORY]
  • If the application name has not been set, omit it from the event title.
  • Platform is represented by one of the following:
    • JAVA
    • NODEJS
    • PYTHON
    • PHP
    • DOTNET
    • GO
    • ORACLE
    • MYSQL
    • MSSQL
    • BSM_JAVA
    • TIBERO
    • KUBE_NS
    • CUBRID
    • REDIS
    • VR
    • RUM

Event Message

The data can be included in the event message. Always include it in the message if optional is false. If optional is true, the corresponding data appears if available.

Event message example
Project Name: Application project
Project Code: 3
Application Name: TC-0-1-8081
Event Message: RECOVERED: Memory is too high. Less than 10%
Event ON Time: 2022-04-12 18:53:24 +0900
Event OFF Time: 2022-04-12 18:53:24 +0900
Metric Name: memory
Metric Value: 20
Metric Threshold: 10
Stateful: true

The following lists the event message components.

EnKoSupported alert typeDescription
Project Name프로젝트 이름All-
Project Code프로젝트 CodeAll-
Application NameAgent nameAll (optional)oname
Event MessageEvent MessageAll-
Alert Type이벤트 종류AllSee the AlertType table below
Event ON Time이벤트 발생 시간AllIn 2022-04-13 10:40:49 +0900, +0900 means GMT.
Event OFF Time이벤트 해제 시간All (optional)In 2022-04-13 10:40:49 +0900, +0900 means GMT.
Metric Name메트릭스 이름All (optional)The metrics name used to judge the event condition
Metric Value메트릭스 값All (optional)If the metric value exceeds the metric threshold, the event occurrence condition is met.
Metric Threshold메트릭스 임계치All (optional)If the metric value exceeds the metric threshold, the event occurrence condition is met.
Stateful해결된 이벤트 알림All (optional)If the resolved event alert is being used, the value is true. Otherwise, the value is false.
Event RuleEvent RuleMetrics Alert-
Event Target Filter이벤트 대상 선택Metrics AlertCheck the event conditions only for metrics collected in specific targets.
Repeat Count이벤트 반복 횟수Metrics AlertAn event occurs only when the event condition meets the event repetitions count for the event repetition time.
Repeat Duration이벤트 반복 시간Metrics AlertAn event occurs only when the event condition meets the event repetitions count for the event repetition time.
ReceiverRecipientsMetrics Alert-
QueryMXQL 쿼리Composite metrics alert-
RuleEvent RuleComposite metrics alert-
Query Period쿼리 기간Composite metrics alert-
Query Interval쿼리 간격Composite metrics alert-
Silent Time무음 시간Composite metrics alert-
QueryURLException AlertURL of the request that caused the exception
TXIDTransaction IDException Alert-
Class에러 클래스 이름Exception Alert-
Log Message로그 메시지Server - File Log Alert-
Log File로그 파일 경로Server - File Log Alert-
IPIPServer Alert All-
CPUCPUServer Alert AllSnapshot at the time of event
CPU_load1CPU_load1Server Alert AllSnapshot at the time of event
CPU_loadPerCoreCPU_loadPerCoreServer Alert AllSnapshot at the time of event
MemoryMemoryServer Alert AllSnapshot at the time of event
SwapSwapServer Alert AllSnapshot at the time of event
Disk NameUsed PercentFree SizeIO Percent
NameBpsPpsTraffic performance
MessageTimeNameAcknowledge Message
  • It displays as much information as the event can provide.

  • AlertType is represented by one of the following:

APPLICATION_MEMORYApplication Memory Alert
APPLICATION_DISKApplication Disk Alert
APPLICATION_ACTIVE_TRANSACTIONApplication Active Transaction Alert
APPLICATION_ERROR_TRANSACTIONApplication Error Transaction Alert
APPLICATION_SLOW_TRANSACTIONApplication Transaction Response Alert
METRICSMetrics Alert
COMPOSITE_METRICSComposite metrics alert
ANOMALYAnomaly Detection Alert
LOG_REALTIMELog Alert Status
COMPOSITE_LOGComposite Log Alert
SERVER_REBOOTServer - Restart Alert
SERVER_NO_DATAServer - Not received Alert
SERVER_PORTServer - Port Alert
SERVER_NETWORK_BPSServer - Network BPS Alert
SERVER_DISK_IOServer - Disk I/O Alert
SERVER_DISK_QUOTAServer - Disk Quota Alert
SERVER_DISK_INODEServer - inode Alert
SERVER_CPUServer - CPU Alert
SERVER_MEMORYServer - Memory Alert
SERVER_CPU_STEALServer - steal Alert
SERVER_LOG_FILEServer - Log File Alert
SERVER_WINDOW_EVENTServer - Window Event Alert
SERVER_OFFServer - Alert OFF
SERVER_ACKNOWLEDGEServer - Acknowledge Alert
SERVER_PROCESS_COUNTServer - Process Count Alert
SERVER_PROCESS_CPUServer - Process CPU Alert
SERVER_PROCESS_MEMORYServer - Process Memory Alert
SERVER_PROCESS_OFFServer - Process Alert OFF
AGENT_ACTIVEAgent Enable Alert
AGENT_INACTIVEAgent Disable Alert
TOO_MANY_EVENTToo Many Event Alert
CLOUD_WATCHCloud Watch Alert
EXCEPTIONException Alert

Application alert

Application alerts provide both Event Title and Event Message. If the Notify when event status is resolved function is used and the event occurrence condition is released, the Event Off message is transmitted.

Event TypeEvent LevelEvent TitleEvent MessageEvent Off Message
Application CPUWarningHIGH_CPUCPU is high. ${value}% (>= ${threshold}%)RECOVERED: CPU is high. less than ${threshold}%
Application CPUCriticalCRITICAL_HIGH_CPUCPU is too high. ${value}% (>= ${threshold}%)RECOVERED: CPU is too high. less than ${threshold}%
Application MemoryWarningHIGH_MEMORYMemory is high. ${value}% (>= ${threshold}%)RECOVERED: Memory is high. less than ${threshold}%
Application MemoryCriticalCRITICAL_HIGH_MEMORYMemory is too high ${value}% (>= ${threshold}%)RECOVERED: Memory is too high. less than ${threshold}%
Application DiskWarningHIGH_DISKDisk is high ${value}% (>= ${threshold}%)RECOVERED: Disk id high. less than ${threshold}%
Application DiskCriticalCRITICAL_HIGH_DISKDisk is too high ${value}% (>= ${threshold}%)RECOVERED: Disk is too highf. less than ${threshold}%
Normal TransactionWarningHIGH_ACTIVE_TRANSACTIONActive Transaction Count is over ${value} (>= ${threshold})RECOVERED: Active Transaction Count is less than ${threshold}
Error TransactionWarningHIGH_ERROR_TRANSACTIONError Transaction Count is over ${threshold} (${value})RECOVERED: Error Transaction Count is less than ${threshold}
Slow TransactionWarningTOO_MANY_SLOW_TXToo many delayed transactions (${value}, above ${time} ms)RECOVERED: Too many delayed transactions. less than ${threshold}