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Automatic deletion of the agent in Scale In

If an agent name is automatically assigned in the Auto Scale environment, administrator's intervention is not required when a scale out occurs. The system scales up automatically. If a scale in occurs, the system must recognize it as a graceful shutdown.

For automatic deletion of the agent, the WhaTap server must receive messages from the Java agent. The agent sends a SILENT_SHUTDOWN event to the Whatap server when the whatap_{java-process-pid}.shutdown file of the Java process appears in ${WHATAP_HOME}. Transfers are completed within 5 seconds.

When the SILENT_SHUTDOWN event has been transferred to the WhaTap server and then the agent is shut down within 1 minute, the WhaTap server deletes the agent from the list. Any inactive event does not occur.


In case of Tomcat, you can configure in the file.

touch $WHATAP_HOME/whatap_{java-process-pid}.shutdown