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This menu provides new or experimental features to users. Through Lab icon Laboratory or Sitemap in the side menu, you can access it. The provided features may differ depending on the product.


The functionality of the Laboratory menu is currently in Beta version and may cause unexpected errors. Be careful when using the Laboratory menu. It is not recommended to use the menu in handling important data or in the operating environment. If you have any feedback or issues, feel free to contact the support team at

  • MXQL Data

    MXQL is a query language to flexibly query WhaTap's performance data (metrics). It is used to comprehensively search and use the metrics collected from multiple agents in a project. For more information about MXQL, see the following.

  • Collection Map

    It provides information about the Collection (e.g. java.util.Map) used by the class specified in the JVM. To use this feature, add the following agent option:


    This feature is supported in Java agent version 2.1.2 or later.

  • Remote Access Status

    Through the application agent settings, the logs in which success/failure records are written for outbound (remote) calls for each monitoring target are visualized.


    To use this feature, add the following option in the agent configuration file (whatap.conf) or in Management > Agent CONF..

  • Alert Message

    It provides a customization function to allow to modify the alert messages that are delivered to project members via email or third-party plugins. For more information, see the following.


In the side menu, if the Lab icon Laboratory menu does not appear, you can access it through Sitemap.


Under the side menu, select Sitemap icon. If the Sitemap window appears, select a desired menu in the Laboratory section on the lower right of the window.