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Daily Application Status

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You can check the daily trends of the application's key performance metrics through the hourly chart.

Daily APP. Status

You can check the application status for the day. Set the search conditions (Select date, Type, Application) and then select Search icon. The conditions of the Type option are as follows:

AgentApplication agent name included in the project
Agent kindGroup unit categorized as the whatap.okind option in agent settings
Agent nodeGroup unit categorized as the whatap.onode option in agent settings

The provided charts are as follows: The numbers on the right of the chart display the accumulated value or average, and maximum value for the day.

  • Transaction per hour
  • Users per hour

    Today's visits is the sum of users accumulated for the day without duplication. Instead of simply adding up, it is calculated using HyperLogLog. HyperLogLog is a probabilistic data structure that estimates the number of elements in a set with very little memory.

  • HTTP call count per hour
  • SQL count per hour
  • SQL fetch count per hour
  • Response time
  • Transaction per second
  • Active transaction
  • Errors in 5mins
  • Error rate