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The following describes the Java agent options that set Apdex scores to measure the user satisfaction. Apdex metrics help you objectively evaluate the application's performance and improve user experience.

whatap.apdex_time millisecond

Default 1200

The default value (S) can be modified in Agent CONFIG.

Application Performance Index (Apdex) is the indicator of the application performance. You can measure the customer satisfaction about your web applications. It can be used as an indicator of user satisfaction and the value is between 0 and 1.

(Number of satisfied cases + (Number of tolerating cases * 0.5))/Total number of requests

  • S (Satisfied): No problem in business ≤ 1.2 seconds (Default value)

  • T (Tolerating): Business is possible with any delay ≤ 4.8 seconds (S * 4)

  • F (Frustrated): Business impossible > 4.8 seconds (exceeds T and error)


It is available in the agent 2.0 or later.