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Additional options

The following guides you to additional agent configuration options that can help you tailor the level of monitoring for Java applications. It includes collection of SQL parameters, collection of HTTP parameters and header data, extraction of user IPs, selection of user count tracing method, SAP function tracking, and the like. Through these options, more granular data collection and analysis can be tailored, especially in security-critical environments.

The following are the options excluded from the agent default settings. If necessary, you can add the following options for application.

  • profile_sql_param_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    It collects the SQL parameters.

  • profile_http_parameter_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    It collects the HTTP parameters.

  • profile_http_header_enabled Boolean

    Default false

    It collects HTTP headers.

  • trace_http_client_ip_header_key String

    Default X-Forwarded-For

    It extracts the user IPs from the HTTP header keys.

  • trace_user_method / wclient_cookie_limit Boolean

    Default cookie

    It traces user counts based on the cookie.


    In case of Java Agent 2.2.0 or later, use the wclient_trace_type option.

  • hook_httpc_sap3_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    If SAP JCO is used, it traces the SAP functions.