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Metrics Search

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You can query specific metrics based on tags in Metrics Search.

Metrics Search

Time and category selection

In the number1 area, you can specify the Time selector, Max count, and Category for the collected metrics. Time selector and Category must have been specified.

  • Time selector: You can query by specifying the time when metrics were collected. The default value is 1 hour. In addition to the lookup time provided as the default option, you can specify the date and time after selecting the Time selector tab.

  • Max count: You can specify the maximum number of metrics to search in the number3 list. You can set the count up to 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, and 3000.

  • Category: It is a classification unit for the related metrics. You can set the desired Category after selecting the Category tab.

  • Refresh icon Refresh categories, tags, and field options: Category, Tags, and Field options can be fetched.

Tag and field selection

In the number2 area, select Tags and Field. The default setting is "Select All," unless specified separately by user.

  • Tags: Unique data that can identify the collected targets.

  • Field: Metrics collected from the monitored targets.

  • Filter: Select Filtering icon Filter by tag value and then set the tag value for filtering.

    For example, you can search filtered data by setting the value of oname to demo-8101.

  • Search icon Search: If you set the conditions and then select Search, you can search the source data of the metric in the number3 area.

  • CSV Download icon : You can download the source data of the metric as a CSV file.

Metrics table

Because the metrics to be collected cannot be specified in advance, it is important to check the source data for all metrics being collected. After setting the desired conditions in the condition area above, you can search the original data of the metric in a table format in the number3 area. Columns in the table are changed when you specify the conditions for Tags and Field.

  • To search metrics, Time selector and Category must have been specified.

  • To search metrics, Tags and Field are optional.