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Learn about the main features

After installing the WhaTap agent, log in WhaTap Monitoring Service. The WhaTap monitoring service provides information for smooth service provision, stable operation, and monitoring and identification of anomalies.

Application Monitoring monitors transactions in real time and provides analysis functions set at specific time points, reporting functions to increase operational convenience, and notification methods.

The WhaTap monitoring service provides the following key functions:

  • Realtime Monitoring

    Real-time transaction status/Response time distribution (Hitmap)/Server status/Real-time user status/transaction status/resource usage status

  • Transaction Analysis

    Transaction tracing/Stack analysis/Multi-transaction trace (lineage tracing)/Response time distribution (Hitmap)/SQL tracking/HTTP call tracking

  • Post Analysis

    Cube analysis/Stack analysis/Performance trend analysis/Response time distribution (Hitmap)/Error statistics

  • Statistics

    Transaction/Error/SQL/Remote HTTP call/Client IP/Browser statistics

  • Management

    Agent execution method/Support when separating development and operation environments/Alarm settings/Alert delivery settings

  • Report

    Daily Report/Daily Application Check/Weekly Report/Monthly Report