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Transaction step collection method

The application monitoring agent provides linear and circular collection methods.

Linear collection

Individual transaction traces cannot collect steps indefinitely. Store trace steps in buffers of limited length for each transaction. For each transaction, the maximum number of steps that can be collected is specified as an option.

  • profile_step_max_count

    Default 1024

    Maximum number of steps that can be collected.

  • profile_step_normal_count

    Default 800

    Number of steps that are generally collected without any restrictions.

  • profile_step_heavy_count

    Default 1000

    If the normal count is exceeded, only the steps with slow response time and the active stack steps are collected.

  • profile_step_heavy_time

    Default 100

    The reference time to collect steps within heavy count is profile_step_heavy_time.


    If the number of steps in the profile being collected exceeds the heavy count, only active stacks are collected. Even in this case, the maximum number of steps does not exceed profile_step_max_count.

Circular collection

Linear collection collects the front part of the trace and discards the later part, if it exceeds the buffer size. On the other hand, circular collection discards the front step.



The buffer size is set in profile_step_max_count.