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User count

Aggregating the user count

It aggregates the numbers of users who connect to the .NET web application server.


To apply the value set in the following option, restart IIS.

  • trace_user_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    Set whether or not to aggregate real-time users. If the user tracing option is set redundantly, the cookie value takes precedence.

  • trace_user_cookie_keys String

    Select the set cookie's value as unique user data. For multiple values, use comma (,) as the delimiter. Search in the set order.

  • trace_user_using_ip Boolean

    Default false

    It aggregates real-time users based on the IP address. If you want to distinguish users based on the cookie rather than IP addresses, change the value to false.

  • trace_http_client_ip_header_key String .NET Agent v2.2.2 or later

    This function sets the client IP (remote IP) with a specific HTTP header value. In the proxy environment, the X-Forwarded-For header can be set with the client IP.

    If the load balancer like L4 is located before WEB/WAS, in some cases, the IP address of L4 becomes the remote address instead of the IP address of the client. In this situation, if the actual client IP is recorded as a specific key value in the HTTP header, it can be replaced with the corresponding key value.