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Increasing or decreasing the table size

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It collects the usage of table and index on a daily basis and provides overall and each table's usage increase over time. The collection criteria follow the values for table_min_row (default value is 1000 cases or more) and tables_hour (default value is 5 am) in the agent configuration parameters. To change the collection criteria, go to Management > Agent CONFIG..

  1. Set the reference date. Today is set by default.

  2. Set the comparison date for comparison.

  3. In the instance list, select an instance to query database settings.

  4. Select Search icon.

In the Table increment summary section, you can see the increase/decrease rate for each row, data, and index, and the increase/descrease rate for all. In the Capacity details for each table section, you can see the detailed rate for each table name.

  • For more information about the agent configuration, see the following.

  • It requires query role on the tables to collect. Execute the following command to obtain the role.

    grant select on [DB_NAME].[TABLE_NAME] to whatap;
    /* or */
    grant select on *.* to whatap;

  • To download the viewed data as a CSV file, select csv Download icon.