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CUBRID metrics

Database metric comprehensively collects the database workload and resource usage. The WhaTap monitoring service continuously collects metric data to identify bottlenecks in the database and provides data to help identify the root cause of the performance issue.

File I/O related itemsNum_file_removesNumber of deleted files
Num_file_createsNumber of created files
Num_file_ioreadsNumber of reads from disk
Num_file_iowritesNumber of cases saved to disk
Num_file_iosynchesNumber of syncs with disk
Page buffer related itemsNum_data_page_fetchesNumber of fetched pages
Num_data_page_dirtiesNumber of dirty pages
Num_data_page_ioreadsNumber of pages read from disk (a higher value indicates the efficiency is lower; correlates with a lower hit rate)
Num_data_page_iowritesNumber of pages written to disk (a greater value indicates the efficiency is lower)
Num_data_page_victimsNumber of cases the thread that flushes data from buffer to disk, is awakened (not the number of pages being flushed or victims)
Num_data_page_iowrites_for_replacementNumber of candidate data pages written to disk
Num_adaptive_flush_pagesNumber of data pages flushed from data buffer to disk
Num_adaptive_flush_log_pagesNumber of log pages flushed from log buffer to disk
Num_adaptive_flush_max_pagesNumber of data pages allowed for flushing from data and log buffers to disk
Num_sort_io_pagesNumber of pages fetched from disk while sorting (a greater value indicates the efficiency is lower)
Num_sort_data_pagesNumber of pages found from page buffer while sorting (a greater value indicates the efficiency is higher)
Log related itemsNum_log_page_ioreadsNumber of read log pages
Num_log_page_iowritesNumber of stored log pages
Num_log_append_recordsNumber of added log records
Num_log_archivesNumber of stored logs
Num_log_start_checkpointsCheck point start count
Num_log_end_checkpointsCheck point end count
Transaction related itemsNum_tran_commitsCommit count
Num_tran_rollbacksRollback count
Num_tran_savepointsSave point count
Num_tran_start_topopsNumber of started top operations
Num_tran_end_topopsNumber of ended top operations
Num_tran_interruptsNumber of interrupts
Concurrency/lock related itemsNum_page_locks_acquiredNumber of page locks acquired
Num_object_locks_acquiredNumber of object locks acquired
Num_page_locks_convertedNumber of page lock type conversions
Num_object_locks_convertedNumber of object lock type conversions
Num_page_locks_re-requestedNumber of page locks re-requested
Num_object_locks_re-requestedNumber of object locks re-requested
Num_page_locks_waitsNumber of pages waiting for lock
Num_object_locks_waitsNumber of objects waiting for lock
Index related itemsNum_btree_insertsNumber of added items
Num_btree_deletesNumber of deleted items
Num_btree_updatesNumber of updated items
Num_btree_coveredNumber of cases in which the index includes all data upon query
Num_btree_noncoveredNumber of cases where the index contains some or no data upon query
Num_btree_resumesNumber of index scans exceeding index_scan_oid_buffer_pages
Num_btree_multirange_optimizationNumber of cases where multi-range optimization was performed for WHERE ... IN ... LIMIT conditional queries
Num_btree_splitsNumber of B-tree node division operations
Num_btree_mergesNumber of B-tree node merge operations
Query related itemsNum_query_selectsNumber of SELECT queries performed
Num_query_insertsNumber of INSERT queries performed
Num_query_deletesNumber of DELETE queries performed
Num_query_updatesNumber of UPDATE queries performed
Num_query_sscansNumber of sequential scans (full scans)
Num_query_iscansNumber of index scans
Num_query_lscansNumber of LIST scans
Num_query_setscansNumber of SET scans
Num_query_methscansNumber of METHOD scans
Num_query_nljoinsNumber of nested loop joins
Num_query_mjoinsNumber of merge joins
Num_query_objfetchesNumber of object fetches
Network request related itemsNum_network_requestsNumber of network requests
Query plan cache related itemsNum_plan_cache_addNumber of cases where new cache entry has been added
Num_plan_cache_lookupNumber of lookups attempted using a specific key
Num_plan_cache_hitNumber of entries hit in the query string hash table
Num_plan_cache_missNumber of entries not hit in the query string hash table
Num_plan_cache_fullNumber of victim searches when the cache entries exceeded the allowed limit
Num_plan_cache_deleteNumber of victimized cache entries
Num_plan_cache_invalid_xasl_idNumber of misses for entry in the xasl_id hash table. It is the number of errors that occurred when a specific entry was victimized on the server, but the entry was requested by the client.
Num_plan_cache_query_string_hash_entriesNumber of entries in the query string hash table
Num_plan_cache_xasl_id_hash_entriesNumber of entries in the xasl id hash table
Num_plan_cache_class_oid_hash_entriesNumber of entries in the class oid hash table
Buffer hit rate related itemsData_page_buffer_hit_ratioPage buffer hit rate
(Num_data_page_fetches - Num_data_page_ioreads)*100 / Num_data_page_fetches
HA related itemsTime_ha_replication_delayReplication delay time (sec)