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Lock tree

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You can analyze the trend of locks during the day. The session that caused a lock (Lock Holder) and the session waiting for a lock (Lock Waiter) can be checked through a tree structure. Through these functions, you can analyze queries by checking the relationship between holders and waiters for locks that occurred at specific points.

Basic screen guide

Lock tree

Set the desired number1 date and time, and then select an instance from the number2 list. If a lock occurs at the set time, lock wait sessions and the retrieved data appear in the table at the bottom of the screen.

Column information guide

tranindexTransaction index
userDatabase user name
hostHost name of CAS that performs transactions
pidBroker process ID
programClient program name
query_timeTotal execution time of active queries (unit: second)
tran_timeTotal execution time of transactions (unit: second)
transtatusTransaction status
lock_holderList of transactions that own a lock if transactions are waiting for the lock
sql_idID for SQL text
sql_textQuery statement being executed (up to 30 characters)
sql_paramLiteral value separated from query
sql_hashHash value of query (internal WhaTap control value)