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XCUB agent configuration

For CUBRID DB monitoring, it is recommended to install XCUB, an additional agent. XCUB has to be installed on the database server and provides sql_text and delta calculation data of metrics. The installation and start-up method is the same as that of XOS agent.

Configuring the whatap.conf file

  • xcub Int

    Default 0

    Set whether or not to use the XCUB agent. If the value is 0 the XOS agent is not used for collection. Enter the value as 1 or IP address of the XCUB agent. If the IP address is specified, data is collected from only the XCUB agent.

Configuring the xcub.conf file

After creating the xcub.conf file on the database server, you can enter the agent server information and set additional options.

  • db String

    Set them in the dbname@dbserverIP format.

  • dba_pwd String

    Once a password has been set, the xcub.pwd file is created at initial execution. After that, delete the dba_pwd entry in the xcub.conf file.

  • dbx_ip String

    Enter the IP address of the server in which the DBX agent has been installed.

  • dbx_port String

    Default 3002

    Set the port to communicate with the DBX agent. DBX agent can be communicated via UDP. If you have set a firewall on that port, disable it for UDP communication.


    If you have installed the XOS agent, you do not have to set it because it is used together with the XOS port.

  • sql_limit Int

    Default 1024

    The byte size limit of sql_text. Increase the value to check long queries.

XCUB agent execution

Run the following batch file on the database server.
$ ./

# or

$ ./ #In case of running in the background