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Metrics Cube

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Metrics Cube provides the trend analysis of metrics field data for each category. You can see the metrics field data through the chart of square widgets as follows.

Metrics Cube

Selecting a category

The Select Category function is provided in the number1 area on the left of Metrics Cube. Search the category list and select a category in number1. You can configure your dashboard in the number2 chart widget area with the fields contained in the selected category.


It provides tag-based filtering in the number1 area on the left of the Metrics Cube screen. At the top of number1, select FILTER to display the filter list as follows.

Metrics Cube Filter

In the number3 filter list, you can set the filtering criteria such as Equal, Includes, Excludes, Select All, and Deselect All. You can add a filter by selecting + Add Filter. Select Apply to apply the setting and then configure the dashboard in the number2 chart widget area.

At the top of the filter list, select the Left arrow icon icon to return to the category list. If you select the Left icon icon, the filter list is hidden and the dashboard area is expanded to focus on the chart.

You can select an applied filter in the filter list on the left and at the top of the number2 area to modify on the number4 screen.


It provides the tag-based grouping. You can modify the chart data grouping through the grouping options at the top of the number2 area on the right of the Metrics Cube screen. Two levels of grouping is provided. By selecting Step 2, you can set the tags for grouping. In the following example, two-level grouping is applied using the reference properties of dimension and agentOid as tags.

Metrics Cube Grouping