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Metrics Chart

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Metric Chart provides a single metric lookup function. You can see the metrics data as a chart as follows.

Metrics chart

Options at the top

In number1, you can specify the time range of the chart (X-axis) through the options at the top of Metrics Chart.

  • Time: You can specify the start and end of the X-axis as the total range in time.

  • Interval: You can specify the X-axis data interval as the time interval.

  • Object Merge: You can group the chart data by merging the data that has the same tags among data with different field values.

  • Filter: You can filter data by specifying tags.

Metrics list

The number2 area is a list of metrics to query for options. Select a metric. Based on the data within the time range specified in the top menu of the number1 area, you can see the chart in the number3 area.


The configuration of the time and metric is required.

Chart widget

On the top left of number3, you can see the metric name. On the top right of the chart widget, you can see the following options:

Top of the metrics chart widget

  • Time movement: left-arrow left-arrow Using the left arrow button or right arrow button, it can be moved by -1 or +1 as much as the selected time range.

    For example, if the time range is between 00:00 on February 13 and 00:00 on February 14, when you select the left-arrow left arrow button, you can see the data within the time range between 00:00 on February 12 and 00:00 on February 13.

  • Interval/Object Merge: In the menu at the top of number1, you can modify the specified interval and time merge.

  • Time comparison: If you select Time comparison icon, you can compare the current trend of the same metric with that of the previous time zone.

  • By selecting the monitoring target: Monitoring target icon, you can specify the monitoring targets. If not selected, it searches for all.

  • By selecting the snapshot: Snapshot icon icon, you can snapshot charts except for widget options.

  • By selecting the Display Detail: Detail icon icon, the detailed view can be seen. When there are many monitoring targets, you can see the metrics trends for each monitoring target individually.

  • By selecting the CSV: CSV download icon icon, you can download the plot data on the chart as a CSV file.


If you do not see any options at the top of the metrics chart widget, select the More icon icon.

Deleting a widget

To delete all widgets placed on the screen, select Delete icon Delete entire widget on the screen.