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Learn about the main features

The WhaTap monitoring service provides information for smooth service provision, stable operation, and monitoring and identification of anomalies. It collects all metrics and cloud events in real time by connecting to the target API. You can check the collected data in real time through the dashboard and directly analyze the cause of failure.

Select a project in the Home screen. Project menu has the following.

  • Dashboard menus by item

    With a visualized chart, you can see the overall project status at a glance, check the total resource size being monitored, and filter the target resources. You can intuitively grasp the exact current status of services and systems.

  • Flex Board

    In addition to the default dashboards for each item, you can configure various dashboards that you want. You can add widgets and use sub charts.

  • Metrics

    It provides an integrated analysis functions using metrics data. Metrics Cube provides the trend analysis of metrics field data for each category, and Metrics Chart provides the single metric search function.

    • Metrics Cube
    • Metrics Chart
    • Metric Anomaly Detection
  • Alert

    It provides the metrics-based event settings and the search function.

    • Event Setting
    • Notification Setting
    • Event History

The guide to the main menus of WhaTap Amazon Cloudwatch monitoring service is provided as follows.