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Dashboard by item

Select a project in the initial screen of the WhaTap monitoring service, and then enter dashboards for each item under Project Menu.

Amazon CloudWatch

  • EC2, EBS, ELB, AutoScaling, ElasticBeanstalk, and ElastiCache service dashboards are provided.

    cloudwatch ec2

  • Namespaces are collected under the WhaTap metrics category. The notation format changes the Amazon CloudWatch namespace to lowercase and then changes "/" to "_."

    e.g. AWS/EC2 → aws_ec2

  • Metrics are collected as the WhaTap metrics. The notation format is "CloudWatchMetric.Stat."

    e.g. CPUUtilization.Average

  • For collected Amazon CloudWatch metrics, see the following.
  • In addition to the template dashboard provided by WhaTap, create a custom integrated dashboard, Flex board.